Extract from our catalogue of services

1 Range of services – Digestion towers
Diving inspections (favourable fixed price)

- Access by means of explosion-proof equipment (stand and compressed-air winches)
- Ladders are not used for security reasons
- Lowering of filling level not required
- Temperature up to 37° OK
- Determination of sand/sludge deposits and blockages
- Checking the pipe system and the inner walls for damage
- Written report of the inspection
- Samples taken with client’s consent

• If cleaning of the digestion tower is required while in operational mode

- Offer with a limit on the order volume (cap)
- Bill up to the maximum amount according to actual work done
- Immediate measures possible after the diving inspection

• Digestion tower cleaning (“Wet digested-sludge clean-up”)

- Demolishing and removing a floating sludge film, if present
- Underwater high-pressure cleaning of the inner walls and the pipe system
- Crushing solidified deposits (recoilless high-pressure cutting torch with up to 500 bar output power)
- Pumping out the crushed deposits (airlift pump)
- Mobile sludge dewatering (drain belt press) on request

• Further diving work possible in the digestion tower

- Repairing fixtures (central structures, anchoring etc.)
- Placement of rams to replace sliders on site
- Recovery of foreign bodies, etc.

2 Range of services – Aeration tanks

- Repairing of agitators (re-anchoring with adhesive cartridges, pressing)
- Replacement of cables
- Removal and installation of aeration systems
- Replacement of aerators under water
- Suctioning off blockages, sand and sludge deposits
- Inspection and repair of sliders
- Installation of baffles, guiding plates, etc.
- Spot-repairing of expansion joints and concrete damage, etc.

3 Range of services – Secondary sedimentation tanks

- Checking and repairing of clearing blades (replacing impellers and rubber lips)
- Dismantling/Assembling clearing blade parts
- Welding of fastening elements on request
- Adjustments and running tests
- Checking funnels, recovery of foreign bodies
- Assembling baffle plates, flushing out intakes, etc.

4 General diving work

- Construction diving
- Offshore
- Underwater recovery, cutting and repair work
- Underwater hydraulic steel construction work
- Underwater conservation work as well as coats of paint
- Measuring thickness of ultrasonic walls
- Underwater video recordings within visual range
- Underwater welding and burning
- Underwater cutting
- Checking Düker drainage pipes and laying cables
- Flushing, assembly and dismantling work
- Underwater sandblasting
- Processing underwater concrete
- Concrete sawing work as well as core hole drilling
- Repairing joints

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