General Information:

The company Tauchbetrieb S. Richter GmbH, with master craftsman status and authorized to provide vocational training, is a member of:
• BG Bau (Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for the Construction Industry)
• IHK Kiel (Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Kiel)
• DWA (German Association for Water Economy, Waste Water and Waste)

Cooperation partners:

In cooperation with the company Filtech (www.filtech.info) we have gained valuable experience in the area of mobile sludge dewatering, which is frequently requested by sewage plants.


•Our firm employs only certified divers and surface controllers.
• Work is carried out in accordance with BGV C23 (Accident Prevention Regulations).
• Our divers are in possession of G31 certificates (proof of fitness for diving).
• All of our employees are permanent employees and have health and social pension insurance.
• Divers’ logbooks can be produced on request.
• The prescribed booster vaccinations are regularly administered.
• A hazard analysis is carried out and employees are briefed before each work assignment.
• There is visible evidence that the required TÜV (German Technical Supervision Association) inspection has been carried out on our equipment.

All documents will be produced as a matter of course in the event of an inspection by the Gewerbeaufsichtsamt (Trade Supervisory Board).

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